Mazda Rx-7 Customization Project

My Mazda Rx-7 is a nice car, don’t get me wrong. I really do love it! However, no car is perfect until i’ve added a little of my own touch to the car. Then, and only then, do I consider the car to be perfect. I have a certain way to mod my car, but I also didn’t want to totally look like “that guy” that you see pull up beside you at the intersection, with a loud stereo system and an even louder paint job.

No, I wanted to modify my car in a way that had a bit more class. So today, i’m gonna share a few of the things that I did to make my car look even better, and keep a certain element of both style and class in my car modifications. Here are the best modifications that I found:

  1. Roll Cage

This is the best one if you are in a dangerous area where rollover is a real possibility. There are a couple of situations where this could become really useful: if you are in an area where there are a lot of hills and valleys and a rollover could be fatal, this is a useful one. And if you get out on the track at all, it is a must. This modification is not too terribly expensive, depending on what kind of metal you use to make the roll cage from. This one is functional and neat looking.

  1. Aftermarket Seats

The seats that you get with the car often do the job just fine, but everyone is different. If you are a bit taller or a bit thinner, or the car comes with black seats that get really hot in the summer, aftermarket seats are probably the way to go when it comes down to it. They are far more comfortable than the seats that come with the Mazda Rx-7 originally, and you can install extra features like seat warmers or add more space for subwoofers and other equipment. Speaking of subwoofers…

  1. Add a Sound System

Oh, you knew this one was coming. The best upgrade/modification for you car that you can add is a brand-new sound system. A sound system adds a certain element of both style and a great ride experience. There are several types that you can spring for. Bose makes excellent car speakers systems, as does Yamaha. You can even get types of speakers that are more tailored to the music that you listen to in the car… Get a 10” speaker for rock and pop music, and spring for a 14-16” speaker if you are a hip-hop person. The sound system is one of the best and most valuable upgrades that you can make to your ride.

  1. Aero Upgrades

Adding an upgrade like a spoiler or a smoother siding to your car can go a long way, especially if you are a dedicated track racer. My Mazda looked like a dedicated street racer after I added a spoiler to the back… Oh MAN that thing is a beauty. To be totally frank, the impact that this has on your overall milage and speed is not much of a factor unless you do a lot of racing. If not, it still looks amazing! It just doesn’t do too much. However, it does reduce your gas milage by a little bit.


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